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im obsessed with many things, music one. some bands i love are my chemical romance, panic! at the disco, linkin park, incubus and many others. if you ever need to talk dont be shy, im always here. (ps, im a guy.)


Ok so when i was little i would sit infront of my tv watching power rangers for hours, i dont know if i was the only kid who did this but i would end up knowing the seasons and episodes and series so well i would start coming up with my favorite ranger and if you ask me any ranger series and i can name it, also was i the only one who would run around copying what they did, like in light speed rescue when they meet the lost galaxy power rangers the lost galaxy rangers jumped for this high building and i had this couch that i would climb up and jump down like they would and stuff. But yea i am like obsessed with power rangers like its bad i used to play it with my cousins my one cousin would be the gold ranger, my other one would be blue or red and i would make up my own ranger which was rainbow and like when i would morph i would morph like in mystic force and i would have a wand but my zords were a yellow phoenix and a pink pterodactyl and i had a pink dolphin and a blue mermaid and like two other ones and we would play like that and i had the power of all the rangers and it was so fun…then reality hit and people bursted my bubble and told me that i shouldnt like power rangers, and yet i sit on my bed everynight and what power rangers mega force and yeaa rant over

ok everyone says that the ending was so good but like I guess I saw a different ending but like the last scene was flo’s two dads thingy and that was it, like that’s sucked they could have done so much more


The singular greatest thing he said at the Boston HoB show.

Fuck yes.

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I will follow everyone who reblog.


I will follow everyone who reblog.